Generational Planning

Each generation has their own ways and methods of planning. There is NOT ONE cookie cutter approach that applies to all. Instead of listing our services and products as most firms do such as investments, financial planning, insurance, etc., we want to explain to you how planning would pertain to YOU personally at your generation level. We get it, each generation has different desires and interests. We HIGHLY, HIGHLY encourage you to read the Generation that you would fall under, and if you have a relative, friend, or coworker that you feel could benefit from our services, read their generation too. We also have professional working relationships with other professionals in the area, I.e. CPA’s, Tax, Estate, Business, and Family Attorneys, Insurance Agents, etc., that we have at our finger tips for you. It’s our goal to get you thinking on real world impacts for your life and bring all the tools to you!


Baby Boomer clients are more team oriented, want simplicity, to forever feel young, and want the truth. They don’t want to beat around the bush and want honesty, and then specific resolutions how to fix them. They are a generation of loyalty to friends, and now finally want to do for themselves. One of the biggest concern now, is making sure that our assets accumulated last and provide income through our lifetime.

Generation X clients are inclined to be more individualistic. They are the first generation that has seen a lot more job changes compared to the older generations that were more loyal to sticking with a company for their entire career. Their career ambitions and drive to grow professionally means willingness to move around. They are a very smart group that will do more research than any other group. Gen X clients also want to see contingent plans if solution A doesn’t work.

Generation Y clients are more personalized. They like group collectivity, but want a personal customization or uniqueness specifically to them. They like accessibility to technology and simplicity, but want to be in the know. Gen Y looks for more immediate results, as social programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide fast responses from peers, so in planning it’s important to educate this generation that to be successful doesn’t come over night. It will take a lot of patience.

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