A Message About Our Beliefs and Philosophy from Our Owner

In the day and age that we currently live in with so much uncertainty in the financial markets from high volatility, different types investments including alternative investments, asset allocations, and yield, to news reports of unethical Wall Street Bankers and Bernie Madoffs, clients are left concerned, nervous, and not sure who to trust or where to turn. Many firms in the financial service industry have sales quotas that their advisors or insurance agents must maintain, year over year, whether that is a certain amount of new assets under management, or a certain amount of insurance policies and premiums to maintain their job, clients wonder if they may be feeling sold a product. Let me ask you, have you ever felt or thought to yourself…

  • Is this investment or product right for me?
  • Are they generating a large commission if I buy this and are they just trying to sell me something to make a buck?
  • Does this insurance policy make sense for the amount of money it is costing me?
  • Are there other options or solutions than what I’m being told to do by this advisor?

If you have asked these questions to yourself, don’t worry, you are one of millions of Americans who feel the same way you do. These are just four of many questions we hear quite often from new clients. They are very valid, real, and legitimate questions that clients should be asking their advisors.

At Bradley Wealth Advisors, we emphasize and relay the philosophy over and over that our firm is founded on a PERSONAL TOUCH. We strive to the highest extent to make our clients feel heard, trusted, respected as if they were the only client we have. We have many clients that have offered to volunteer themselves as resources for new clients to reach out and ask how they feel about our firm and services (Please feel free to ask for references). I established our firm in 2013 as an Independently Owned and Operated Financial Services Firm that does not have any proprietary products, sales quotas, or minimums that must be met for our advisors to succeed. This allows our team to plan and advise clients in an unbiased strategy that has zero agendas. Being Fee-Based Advisors means we charge a financial planning fee reasonable to our client’s income, scope of service, and complexity, as well as, a percentage of assets under management for managing client’s investment accounts that we will discuss with our clients. Now, that is not to say our advisors cannot also be paid a commission through certain investment and insurance policies, but we are not a practice of commission or incentivized driven advisors as it makes up a small part of our revenue. We are fully transparent to make sure the client knows how we are being compensated.

We firmly believe that our industry went in the wrong direction when it became a “sales number quota” game. Our business isn’t like just buying a car, where five years later, you can trade it in and start all over. What you purchase, what you invest in, what you do with your money could have a positive or negative impact that could affect your future. It’s up to us to help you as best as we can (nothing is ever guaranteed) to put you on path to retire when you want with the lifestyle you desire, whether your child/children or grandchild/grandchildren can go to college with your help, leaving a legacy to your heirs, or buying that retirement home you dreamed of. Our business isn’t a sales game, and I whole heartedly believe that our business is built on service, education, and trust. Trust is earned, not given! We want to earn your trust, and we believe that we will over time as you get to know us. We want to make sure you understand what you are doing with your money, and why we are doing the planning steps we recommend. We take the approach of what we would want out of a planner if we were in your shoes. We thank you for stopping by, and hope that we may be of help and support.


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