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With our professional athletes, we don’t list items on our site as we do with the generations even in generalities. We’ve experienced before other advisors and agents take and use our strategies and make claim that the NCAA or others are backing it, when that is not the case at all, by a long shot. So, we now play our cards close to our vest. The sad things is, many athlete’s do get taken advantage of so here is a personal explanation on this unique planning process…

We operate as a very clean, direct, and honest approach to athletes. We have worked with and had conversations with NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and other professional sports players.  We don’t beat around the bush with our athletes. We are in no way shape or form, another “Yes Man,” for you and if we were, we would be doing a complete DISSERVICE to YOU. We will tell you straight up, Yes or No, whether you like it or not; clean, direct, and honest is our approach. Many players may not like our approach, and that’s okay, but we treat our athletes on the same level as all of our other clients, but are firmer because athletes all of a sudden have friends come out of nowhere trying to get into your pocket. If you want to disperse a lot of your earnings to friends and family without us properly discussing it to protect YOU, we aren’t the right fit for you.

We aren’t trying to upset you or be confrontational, but to look out for YOU, YOUR INTEREST, and YOUR FAMILY!! The statistics do not lie on the lifestyles athletes have that are unsustainable to have a long term financial success leading to losing everything if not manage properly.

You have an opportunity to not only change YOUR life forever, but even possible generations to come! Don’t mess this up!

We will work with you on setting up your financial future to have the right investments that are suitable and desirable for you.

We take pride in our reputation we have built and have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRES in being the next “financial consultants” in the news being sued by their athletes for bad non-compliant investments or deals. It makes us sick to read those articles!

We will also make sure that your insurance policies are in line to your family protection desires on both your life and income. We can construct custom plans that provide permanent insurance for the rest of your life that will be completely paid for while you are making your big money. That way, after your playing days are over, you don’t have to worry about premium payments.

We plan WITH YOU together, not for you, on constructing a strict budget plan. By doing this, you will be proactively involved and learning in how to manage your hard earned money; something many athletes don’t know. We want to have an adequate amount of money and investments for you to have a stream of income that will last you well past your playing days. And don’t worry, YES, we will allow you to have splurge fun money; but, we need to keep the perspective that your career will not last 30 or 40 years like many common professions do. This profession has the chance to make a lot of money for a short period of time, so we must find ways to conserve it for a long period of time.

If you would like to consult with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s build a sense of trust together.

- James A. Bradley, CFP®

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